stadi Sport makes us happier, you know?

Sport makes us happier, you know?

Sport makes us happier, you know?


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Sport makes us happier, you know?

"I want to be happy a truck ..." so goes the refrain of the popular song Loquillo and the Troglodytes. Well, you could also sing that to be happy you have to get used to doing sport. Studies show that regular practice of sport causes the secretion of endorphins (neurotransmitters that increase in the pleasurable moments and are the material vehicle of pleasure, euphoria, happiness and pain relief) so after making exercise one feels better, more lively and energetic.

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"Make sport usually make you feel happy. At first it may be tiring but once you acquire the habit the active exercise your mind and body and you're feeling better, "says Maite Ferrer, a graduate in Physical Education. Swimming, soccer, basketball, water polo, hockey, tennis, going to the gym, running ... there are plenty of ways of practicing physical exercise important thing is to adapt to the age of each because you do not have the same strength or capacity to 10, 20 or 50 years. one could say that every age has a sport but the reason is not that not be able to carry it out but both muscles and joints suffer more the older it is. Ferrer explains when it comes to the elderly "it is important to keep doing sport. some soft gymnastics, yoga, swimming, disciplines involving less impact on the joints. I practice it means delaying the inevitable as much as skeletal muscle deterioration. In addition to improving self-esteem, combat loneliness, help maintain social relations, etc ".


"Swimming is one of the most complete sports. Its benefits are many since it works with greater resistance practiced in an aquatic environment, "says Nacho Alos, director of the Municipal Pool Almàssera, adding that" users flock to the installation between 2 and 80 years. Younger learn to swim or improve their knowledge and for the elderly and people with some ailment therapeutic swimming there. "

There can be many reasons to start practicing but what is clear is that it becomes a 'drug', sports hook. "I started going to the gym a little aesthetic but has become a routine that gives me, among other things, the enormous satisfaction of making friends, eliminates daily stress and makes you burn adrenaline. Floor go three to four times a week and I exercise an hour and a half, "explains Antonio Bouvier, a resident of Valencia.

Since kids

Sport is something that can be done from an early age well. First it starts at school with the subject of Physical Education but not enough to create the habit in children. "Between three and five years motor skills so it is not good early specialization is developed since the chances of children is limited and some muscles and not others so there is a muscular decompensation develop. If you must enter the child in practice exercise but always as a game, not may force, thus greater emotional and social development, improved self-esteem is achieved, "argues Maite Ferrer.

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