The most common mistakes in sports betting

The most common mistakes in sports betting


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The most common mistakes in sports betting


The most common mistakes in sports betting


There are two elements in this guide, ie less viable indications of betting options with a review of some errors and common guidelines for success in sports betting. Combining these two areas of advice should significantly improve its performance, especially if you are a beginner.

The worst bets on the bookmaker

Some of the most popular bets on the market are not recommended. Two of them are well suited to make you lose money and therefore are the preferred bets in the community. If you resist these opportunities, you may end save money.

Almost every punter has placed ever in your life a cumulative or multiple bet, hoping to combine high fees with a pair of seemingly safe choices. This applies especially to those who bet once a week, they deposit € 10 in one of their betting accounts on a Friday night hoping to get rich over the weekend. The truth is that multiple bets are one of the main sources of income for bookmakers, and this indicates how poor is the benefit for bettors.

Example of an accumulator Your betting slip contains five games as follows:
  • Chelsea to win at 1.50 fee
  • More than 2.5 goals in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham at 1.75
  • Newcastle and Crystal Palace draw, share 3.50
  • Manchester City to win away from home in 1.90
  • Arsenal + 1 with Asian Handicap at 2.20
  • The five probabilities are multiplied as follows: 1.50 x 1.75 x 3.50 x 1.90 x 2.20 = 38.40

  • As you can see, our bet slip shows a multiple bet with juicy 38.40 fees which means a return of € 384.00 for a 10 €. However, these odds are equivalent to a probability of less than 3% of hitting each prediction. That poor performance gets worse as more games are added.

    The same theory applies to another approach that is slightly different. Many bettors only include two or three teams in its multiple bets that are clear favorites. Bankers include teams like Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Three teams at a price of 1.30 that produce combined odds of 2.20. This sounds like a good proportion, but there's always surprising results in football. If Bayern ties against Frankfurt, the bet is lost.

    Win a multiple bet is similar to trying to win the lottery. If you are looking for a great pit earnings multiple bets they are for you. However, if you want to keep your money in your pocket you should avoid this bet and here are two main reasons for this:

    Increasing fees mean higher risk

    The more games included on a ballot betting, the higher the probability that a match result as expected. You must always remember that a bad selection ruins the rest of the multiple bet.

    Betting restrict the benefit
  • Even if you're lucky and your multiple bet wins, you will soon notice that the bookmakers put limits on your potential profit. That means that the gain is limited to a certain amount of money. Operator dependent, but generally the typical limit is € 20,000, which is the maximum benefit.
  • As an example, you assume guessed December 12 winners in an accumulator returns € 30,000. Unfortunately, because of the restrictions you will not receive the total profit. This is quite annoying and another consequence is that limit your ability to bet on the future. Bookies are very allergic to winning customers.

    However, in some cases multiple bets can be useful. Say you identified a few value bets (discussed later in this guide). There is nothing wrong with the combination of these options and let the odds and multiply. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, especially for novice players. It is a skill that find value bets and you are able to do this, bettors will be successful in the long run.

    Live betting

    Live betting for football and other sports have become one of the most popular features online betting and the trend is to increase. There is a general feature live betting: you almost never find a good value in this bet. It is impossible to find fees are high, but can be difficult. Bookies are very good in compiling live betting so you could only have a couple of seconds to make a bet on decent fee. Many professionals are looking for at that time the same windows of opportunity, which makes quickly change the value.

    Live betting illustrate perfectly the control bookmakers have on their clients. The growth of live betting is the main reason why more events are broadcast live by betting websites. Bookies have noticed that the number of bets increases when customers can see live coverage of a match, as customers are in a better position to make predictions about the outcome of an event that can be seen live.

    Another important live betting disadvantage is that the stakes are subject to a delay between live action and to be accepted. On the contrary pregame bets they are taken instantly without delay. The delay associated with live betting can be ten seconds or more.

    Millions of bettors probably cry every weekend when bets are rejected. You can forget about making a quick bet after a goal. The bookmakers have procedures that automatically close their markets after major events such as a goal, red card or a penalty.

    Does this mean that live betting is always a bad choice? The answer to that question is not necessarily; although there is only one possible scenario in which live betting sense. If some probabilities represent value before a match begins, they will not disappear in the first minutes of the meeting. This situation occurs especially in some markets "Low" when the odds increase slightly once the game started. The same is true of some Asian Handicap markets, but only positive contributions such as +1 AH for a team. However, considering the disadvantages, it is best to avoid any bets during the game. Live bets are overvalued, but are becoming more popular, so do not lean to your bookie doing this.

    Never bet for your team

    It is quite obvious why bet on your team is not a good idea. First, people tend to overestimate the capacity potential of a team that support performance. Loyalty and faith make fans think their team can beat anyone at any time. The reality is that you should never lose objectivity when you bet. Never.


    The second thing is that the pain is only increases when your team loses and also you made a losing bet. Not only is the team you support drop off points, but money is also lost. Even if you take a reasoned decision to support the contrary, you will find yourself in the awkward position of encouraging the other team expires the team you support. So the stakes in a game in which your team is involved is almost always a bad idea.

    Bet the result is wrong Or Scorecast bets result are very popular even though they represent one of the worst betting options for a punter. The usual format is as follows:
    Manchester City to win 3-0 and Aguero to score at 9.00 fee

    Sugerios to avoid this type of bets, as they are underestimated. Bookies usually placed players who are on a roll and customers miscalculate the true odds of these players scoring again because they are popular. The result is that customers placed a very poor bet. The odds are too low and incorporate a large margin, so bookmakers have a good advantage. This advantage is not very big but enough to make money, but hopefully not yours.

    It is better to focus on Asian Handicap and Over / Under bets instead. There is more competition among bookmakers in these areas and the best cuotass are more favorable to customers. The same applies to the classical bets for the tournament winners.

    Very common mistakes that put your money at risk

    Now that we have explained some of the worst bets in the options market, we focus on some common mistakes in sports betting. Let's have a close look to confirmation bias, good money management, retirement facilities and bonuses.

    Do not fall into the confirmation bias

    Confirmation bias is a term in psychology means the tendency of people to always look for evidence to confirm his theories, paying less attention to the contrast information. It is one of the main mistakes made by bettors and becomes increasingly in their search for information about their next election.

    The best research is objective and based on an assessment of all the facts with reference to the odds. In fact, most players take a decision betting and then look for evidence to support it and thus fall into this trap. For example, instead of focusing on the last three games a team has played and won, examine more closely the last 10 or even 15 events of that team. The result is a more accurate even though you might not like what you find evaluation.

    Never double your bet

    A popular strategy is to double your bet after losing, even though this does not work. The concept was originally designed for roulette and the idea is simple: Double the bet means you can not lose in the long run because eventually going to offset your losses with a winning bet. Unfortunately, two factors make this system is flawed:

    First, the bet increases exponentially during a losing streak. For example, if the first bet of 10 € the second bet should be 20 €, the third bet is € 40 and so on is lost. The fifth option would be a share of € 160 and most bettors realize that it is possible to have five consecutive losing bets. At some point, you simply run out of money.

    The second drawback is that the bookmakers put limits, which means that your shares are restricted. If you have a losing streak, say six bets, the broker could limit the system by refusing to take a bet big enough to recover losses from previous bets.

    So what can we conclude? Although the probability of having a losing streak is always low it is not as low as you might think. The loss of your betting fund, while developing what is known as the Martingale system is a realistic scenario.

    The continued success of online casinos is based on a misconception like. People tend to think that the Martingale system in the long run. They believe that the outcome of a spin at the roulette wheel will produce different results and that after a series of red that has to be a black soon. The color changes, but often too late, which makes the player have to place ridiculously high stakes after several wrong predictions. The system has to be followed in the context of the constraints established by the casino interests.

    The implication of your bets is that losing bets must be accepted and uncompensated doubling the bet and lose even more.

    Do not focus too much on the bonus

    The welcome bonus is a good thing, but it works both ways. more money for bets get, but involves some difficult requirements before allowing a withdrawal. These conditions can lead to some risky bets. In most cases the bonus is 100% of the initial deposit. However, both the bonus and the deposit must be wagered on several occasions. Unfortunately betting also set restrictions on quotas and minimum bets in lower monthly payments do not count.

    Here is a classic example common with many operators:

    Deposit € 100 and get an additional € 100 as a bonus. The requirements may specify that you have to bet five times the deposit and bonus a minimum quota of 1.80. This means you can access the hacers bonus after betting 1,000 € (200 € x 5). Most customers focus on risky bets that is what you want the bookmaker. The result is that most lost, so the bookmaker does not pay the bonus.

    An additional drawback for customers is that they have to meet the wagering requirements within 30 days after making the deposit. That equals bets € 1,000 per month, which is a very high amount especially for a beginner. You must be careful with these bonus offers and the best policy is to avoid them. This is not the best choice for most customers, but worth considering. However, there is an alternative and a good way to use the bonuses that will be explained later in this article.

    Retirement function. Useless?

    An increasing number of bookmakers are entering a cash withdrawal option that supposedly can have a positive effect on your bets. The theory is that customers carry out the withdrawal of their cash before a party is over. This means they are paid before the expiry of the bet. Bookies say it can be a useful insurance against losing a bet, if later there is a red card and instead begins to dominate your selection. However, earnings are lower than those obtained in the original bet. There are two important points to consider:

     If bookmakers promote something on the basis that it will be useful for your customers probably will not be. Traders are trying to create a fantasy situation in which bettors feel they have control. If the function had an advantage in favor of the house would never have been invented.  The Collection during a game is, in effect, a bet live and have noted that live betting not represent good value. You will also experience another facet of betting. As they close immediately during the game market after a significant event, will do the same with the option of cash withdrawal when something important happens. This habit makes the whole function is quite useless.

    The function can be beneficial when making a bet on the wrong team and want to correct the error.

    Instead, this is what you should do

    After focusing on what not to do, now we must look potentially good strategies to get something out.

    Find your perfect house betting

    There are a number of issues to be addressed, but one of the key requirements is to find the perfect gambling house. Let's be honest: it's hard to find something that does not exist. Each bookmaker offers advantages and disadvantages, and each customer has different needs in their bets.

    But we will try to shed some light in the darkness of this matter. Overall, bookmakers fall into several groups. Most of them are private companies with a long history, many features, such as live broadcast and a wide range of betting markets. Most fees are average but do not have the annoying tendency to limit the successful clients. In the business of selling cars, these operators would be similar to the vans they are very comfortable, but slow. They are excellent for beginners but not for downstream users or professional players who want to go fast.

    Another type of operator is the bookmaker exchange. Customers do not bet against the bookmaker, but against each other. The odds are generally better and no limits apply. A disadvantage is that these sites require some experience to understand them. The variety of sports is not as extensive and bet on smaller leagues is difficult. Some of the common features, such as streaming and live betting are not available, additionally can not give a welcome bonus for new customers. In the car analogy this type of bookmakers exchanges could be described as small sports cars that are difficult to use but fast and powerful.

    A third group are private gambling houses that try to manage the winners of a different way to its competitors. Although they are private and always try to make profits, distancing themselves from the biggest and most popular players in the sector. Examples of this type are Pinnacle Sports and SBOBET, a house of popular Asian gambling among sports bettors. In terms of probabilities, they can compete with betting exchanges, but in the field of usability decay. Moreover, most of them are not regulated in Europe, but if you feel like betting on the basis of a license or Asia Curacao these operators should be your first choice.

    What are good betting
    Good betting

    Please focus on the following characteristics when choosing a bookmaker online and check out the general guide found later in this article.


    Nothing is more important than good odds for the next event. If your sportsbook only offers average odds, you should find one that is best in this area. The odds comparison helps find the best bookmaker. If you are not sure about the reliability, you should conduct some research online. This may take a couple of minutes, but avoid regrets about the record when you know you could locate a bookie that offered better odds. Beginners are not too worried about the odds, but this may change.


    The betting limits are not as important for the novice player but the most experienced customers will be interested in them. If you are exceptionally successful in making your selections, private betting houses will realize through their security procedures. Once you're tagged will limit your bets. If for example, you can only place bets of € 5, the bookmaker has probably noticed that you are not winning and kindly taking your results. The two solutions are to use a betting exchange or find a bookmaker that does not put limits and try to attract professional players.


    A bookmaker will offer a wide range of sports, variety of leagues and markets for an event. One of the most popular types of Asian handicap bet is that it is increasingly common for the Handicap. Not every operator offers Asian Handicaps Although this bet carries less risk than other bets and handicaps. It is best to check the range of bets offered by your bookmaker and make sure they are as diversified as possible.

    This advice applies to different types of bets, sports and leagues offer. It can be a significant advantage if your bookie covers some of the inferior leagues such as the National Conference and the Isthmian League. lower as the hierarchy of the league, the odds available will be better. Although most of the major operators will know more than what you know about the major leagues, they can not be sure when setting quotas for a game like Fleetwood Town against Barnet.

    We have divided the bookmakers into three groups and we have advised you on the main areas of focus before taking the final decision. However, even within these various groups there are many variations and is difficult to choose a bookmaker that perfectly suits your needs. However, we have created some guidelines for each type of bettor.


    This type of bettor must choose traditional bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and bet365. They offer everything you need in a new bets and are a perfect place to learn the basics. These companies are reliable and well known and that creates confidence. However, quotas are not the best and winning customers are not very welcome.


    Moving to intermediate level, find the best odds and betting that no limit should be one of the main areas of interest. The ideal partner is either a betting exchange like Betfair house and Matchbook or runner advanced as Pinnacle private bets.


    Asian betting houses is mainly where professionals are placing their bets. Betting exchanges are another option, provided there is sufficient liquidity for sports and leagues in which you like to play.

    Money management is the key

    While you can not change how certain bookmakers operate, you can always look at your money management. Human beings, by nature, are greedy and this should not be underestimated. It is not just about trying to recover the funds after a losing streak (as in poker). The instinct after a victory is to try to win more, and you would be surprised how many customers do just that. They could win € 100 and then bet again gains because of the temptation to earn more.


    As a guide you should not risk more than 1% of your bankroll on a single bet. Significant funds are required to keep to that rule, so increasing the stake to 5% of the bank is acceptable in principle. This means that if you deposit € 100 maximum bet should be € 5.

    This approach may seem a hard and tedious work, but it makes perfect sense if you want to avoid a disaster in your bets. By using a small percentage of your bankroll you can survive a long losing streak. To keep your intact funds must minimize the risk to try to generate profits. This sounds like an impossible balancing act, but in reality it is not. You are relatively safe from losing funds if you keep a game is low in amounts and closely related to the available account. When you have a successful run game drive automatically increased.

    Value bets

    Did we say that the search for winners in high fees is essential to the success of sports betting? But to go into more detail, it is essential for long-term profitability final value in your daily bets. In short, the value bets are those fees that are too high, which may be the result of errors made by the bookmaker. However, as compilers quotas have been professionalized, obtain value fees through your own calculations is becoming an increasingly difficult job, but in this case the hard work worthwhile.

    How to find the value

    The first step is to calculate the percentage of probability written in the odds of lasapuestas and this is easily done. You just have to divide the quota between one and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. If Chelsea is the favorite for the party and fees are 1.60 the probability of winning it is 62.5% calculated as follows:

  • 1 / 1.60 x 100 = 62.5%

  • You must take this result and compare it to your personal estimate. You might think that 62.5 is too high because some key players are injured and Chelsea has been disappointing in recent games. In this case, betting on the double opportunity which in effect is a bet that Chelsea win could be the value bet.

    One of the key factors in finding your own estimation value is a result and quotas offered. You can try this process without being impatient. The whole concept of finding value needs to be addressed based on the long term because you can only assess the quality of your estimates for a sustained period of time. If the bankroll is growing means that a sufficient amount of your estimates are correct.

    In addition to estimates there are another advanced method for finding value. This is based on creating your own model betting on a Excel spreadsheet, but for further guidance please perform a search on Google.

    Let others do the work

    You can find many online betting predictions. Not all are free, but some do. If you are able to find a decent platform as a tip sheet or forum where users share predictions, then you should use it widely. The tips can often reveal the value in games that do not further considered and if you get a bit of reasoning on the board, the better.

    The value of advice depends on the quality and talent of the writer. However, an analysis on a tip may contain some key information such as the recent form, injuries and other points that help in placing a bet and can be used as a basis for your own research. This applies more in nonprofessional lower leagues in which people can have better information than the bookmakers. If you find a forum in which these analyzes are shared, it is something very positive.

    The free tips are helpful, but the pay for tips is another matter. First, you have no proof that forecasters are as good as they suggest. The yield (yield) can be impressive, but anyone can write random numbers on a website. If very successful bettors are selling their advice, you should ask why not just focus on gambling.

    It's all about discipline

    The discipline applies during a run of wins and losses. It is also closely related to money management. You must enjoy the victories without becoming overconfident. You feel invulnerable, but will probably not be the best tipster in the world even though you disagree. Winning can sometimes lead to higher bets not normally do because basically we're all greedy.

    A losing streak can have exactly the same effect but makes us feel vulnerable. Bets can go up and the choices made almost at random. Bettors who think they are on a losing streak desperately invest in the next event available, even if it's still a game in Singapore S-League in order to recoup their losses. This happens most often at night and after drinking alcohol. The worst thing you can do is bet when you're sober, at which time you should also ignore the section casino and poker. These products are ideal to lose the rest of your betting pool.

    Please note that the stakes of success are a slow process. No deposit 10 € and earns his living with betting after only two months. The work can be tedious at first, but will accelerate after a good winning streak due to the effect of compound interest.

    Focus on some sports and always tries to improve

    We have already mentioned the discipline but there is nothing wrong with the key information repeated almost like a mantra. An important rule is not to bet everything besides not select sports and random events. You must apply this theory to preseason football and not be tempted to bet on the men's javelin at the Olympics.

    We recommend focusing on football because of the wide range of leagues that are covered. If you are knowledgeable about the sport, it is much easier to estimate and compare the odds to identify the value. Some professionals focus on the NBA and MLB in the same way as these sports also have many games to evaluate.

    The key to successful sports betting is to learn and take gambling seriously in order to improve your level of knowledge. Reading articles on the theory and advanced betting strategies is not only interesting, but also useful. This leads to a better understanding of the mathematics of gambling. There is a view that betting know it is know a lot about sports, but at its core is pure mathematics.

    Register bets

    You must register each bet, not only good but also bad. That means extra work when some people are supposed to be fun bet. However, writing your bets or record them on a spreadsheet gives an excellent overview of participation and is something that professional sports bettors do as a matter of routine.

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